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Winter Sowing Native Plants

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

One of my ongoing goals as both a board member and programming and education co-chair of the Intown Atlanta GNPS is to help make adding native plants to the landscape easier for everyone. Last fall I spearheaded an inaugural GNPS Native Plant Share & Swap which was a great success with 85 people sharing and swapping over 600 native plants! Winter sowing is another way to make adding native plants more accessible so for the chapter's first big event of the year I organized and presented a winter sowing workshop and seed sharing opportunity. I created content with a word document and photos that my uber talented daughter who is a graphic designer turned into an amazing Powerpoint. I'm typically more comfortable in the background, so my only personal challenge to overcome was being in the front of the room doing the presentation itself. Turns out if you believe passionately about something, talking about it to a room full of people is not that hard to do. The event quickly reached capacity at 80 with a capped waiting list. Hopefully, offering the presentation in a sharable form will reach more people who want to try winter sowing native plants to restore the ecosystem where they live. Note - This presentation is oriented for winter sowing in Atlanta and the Southeast. It may need to be adjusted for other parts of the country.

Winter Sowing - Slides - DOWNLOAD VERSION
Download PDF • 4.32MB

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Jan 26, 2023

Laura, tha is such a great idea. Thank you for putting so many hours of work in this, and thank you for always being open to help us with plant questions, and plant donations too. My yard sti a mess, and I will probably not do anything with it, since I don’t know what to do with it,

at least I am not planting non natives either. even though I do ok with house plans, the outside is a wild best to me.

you are wonderful at wh you do, so thank you for sharing the knowledge.

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