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The path to Nurture Native Nature was not always obvious. When we bought our first house, I planted thousands of spring bulbs and every exotic plant that caught my eye before putting my gardening on hold for a few corporate moves and to raise kids. When I returned to gardening, I started hand digging my lawn to replace it with a garden inspired by plants from my childhood, dreamy English cottage gardens, and the fantasy of a “pollinator garden” filled with butterflies (other insects were not part of that vision).  


When I decided I wanted to see hummingbirds in my yard, I researched how to attract them and 2/3 of the plants suggested were native. This started me on a path of learning everything I could about native plants. I was also reading inspirational nature books such as Noah’s Garden by Sarah Stein and Bringing Nature Home by Doug Tallamy. Over time my focus slowly shifted from ornamental gardening for looks towards rewilding my small urban yard to create a welcoming habitat for wildlife.


My yard is now a dynamic living landscape, and the ecological functioning is the overarching consideration. As a bonus, I get a front row seat to the wonders of nature just steps from my home. I also learn something new from everyone I meet who is restoring habitat in some way. In this spirit I started Nurture Native Nature to share the joy I experience every day in my yard, what I’ve learned and am still learning about supporting a healthier ecosystem, and why this is so imperative in our world where wildlife is in crisis. Hopefully, I can help move the needle
a little towards a more restorative vision for how to take care of our own outdoor spaces through education and by
raising awareness.

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